€6,345 for Dar tal-Providenza

In just under eight hours, we managed to collect the raise the sum of €6,345 for Dar tal-Providenza.

The flash fundraiser was held last Saturday on Calypso Radio from our studios in Luqa, amidst the difficulties brought about by the pandemic. To avoid the possibility of spreading the virus between staff members and residents at Dar Tal-Providenza, the fundraiser was held in a contactless format.

While programmes were transmitted from Luqa a series of interviews were transmitted via links from Dar Tal-Providenza.

Donations were sent online and by phone calls.

Fr. Martin Micallef, Director at Dar tal-Providenza, thanked Calypso Radio and explained how the funds will be used. Gordon Pace, founder, and director at Y Ltd, operator of Calypso Radio, thanked all team members. Everyone was somehow involved in an event which was created in a couple of days.

We are happy that we could be of help to DTP. You can always count on us.

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