Project, Campaign Management

If you know what you would like to achieve, we can help you achieve it. Without taking too much of your time we will make sure to understand your goals through an initial meeting, after which we will present you with our proposals. We guarantee a punctual, professional and affordable delivery.


Our photographers, chosen specifically for your job, will be at your services according to the project being followed. The final shots are of course yours to keep, even if you intend to use them for other projects.

Filming, Editing, Graphic Design

Our team is complimented with award winning videographers and editors who will use their experience to satisfy the needs and wants requested by our plans to make sure your project succeeds, and your target audience is reached. Our graphic designers will also be at your service, using their artistic skills to create a project reflecting your needs.


Our scriptwriters are experienced in news items (broadcast and printed), speeches, story writing, adverts, promos, movies and TV serials. This experience is being placed at your service.

Media Consultancy

Placing adverts doesn’t only mean checking on audience shares. We offer understanding of the media and its’ resources, which allows to to better appreciate the various audiences, related demographics and communication trends, thus leading to an improved communication process.

Our Process

You are a serious company. You deserve a serious solution.
We'll be there from the beginning to the very end.

  • Meet client and understand the specific needs

  • Team Y develops strategy

  • Strategy presentation to client

  • Strategy implementation

  • Analysis of results obtained and further strategy development